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Stumpkin: A Halloween Delight

Okay, I slacked off on Halloween book reviews. In my defense, this wasn’t out of a lack of love for the holiday. We just didn’t have any Halloween books on hand! Then we were gifted Stumpkin by Lucy Ruth Cummins. This is just a very very cute book. The book is simple enough. We meetContinue reading “Stumpkin: A Halloween Delight”

You Are New: Short & Sweet

Lucy Knisley almost always delivers. And I only say almost because I haven’t read all of her books. You Are New is a sweet picture book explaining babyhood and newness to any babies willing to listen. The book expands newness, offering assurance to babies and grown ups alike that change can always be found. TheContinue reading “You Are New: Short & Sweet”

Little Baby Bum: A Last & Awful Resort

I could write so much more about Little Baby Bum. It’s the strangest show and so remarkably unpleasant. And universally, babies love it. Little Baby Bum is a whole assortment of kid media, but for now, we’ll stick to the Netflix shows. The shows are plotless, with a strange repeating cast of characters and aContinue reading “Little Baby Bum: A Last & Awful Resort”