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Stumpkin: A Halloween Delight

Okay, I slacked off on Halloween book reviews. In my defense, this wasn’t out of a lack of love for the holiday. We just didn’t have any Halloween books on hand! Then we were gifted Stumpkin by Lucy Ruth Cummins. This is just a very very cute book.

ID: Image is the cover of Stumpkin by Lucy Ruth Cummins laid over a pastel background. The cover of this book has a black background and the illustration of the top half of Stumpkin, a stemless orange pumpkin with small black eyes.

The book is simple enough. We meet Stumpkin and a few other pumpkins on display before Halloween. The problem arrises when we realize that, of the pumpkins at hand, only Stumpkin doesn’t have a stem.

The illustrations are adorable and the black cat is my toddler’s favorite character. (He hasn’t said as much but the enthusiastic meows make me believe that’s true.)

It is absolutely a Halloween book and not a pumpkin book. I’m sure we’ll read it year round but for older readers, it’s a book that lives best in October. But that’s okay to me. I love some seasonal books in the rotation, and as winter approaches I’m sure I’ll be leaning into the snowy books we can find.

Read this book! Buy this book! It is one of our favorites that my toddler knows by name.

The Verdict:

Grown Up Stars: 5/5

Kid Stars: 5/5


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