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TRUCKS: Exactly What It Says

TRUCKS is written by Sarah Powell and illustrated by Dan Green and Nicola Friggens. It is a book designed to be absolutely adored by toddlers. It works. Our copy is taped together in more places than I can count. Our toddler is a truck lover, and this book is a huge hit.

ID: The cover of the book “TRUCKS” over a pastel background. The cover of this book is a yellow tractor trailer taking up the bulk of the page, with the top and right border being covered by tabs of different kinds of trucks.

This lift the flap book is also a board book. There’s not much else to say about it. It’s just an obvious hit. There’s not much to it for adults but that’s the beauty of lift the flap books, the book becomes a toy that’s fun to explore independently.

I’d say this is a gift this book with my usual caveat. It’s okay to ask parents if they already have a book on their shelves. It doesn’t spoil the surprise for the recipient, and it saves the parent from a “can I regift this?’ scenario.

The Verdict:

Grown Up Stars: 3/5

Kid Stars: 5/5


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