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TRUCKS: Exactly What It Says

TRUCKS is written by Sarah Powell and illustrated by Dan Green and Nicola Friggens. It is a book designed to be absolutely adored by toddlers. It works. Our copy is taped together in more places than I can count. Our toddler is a truck lover, and this book is a huge hit. This lift theContinue reading “TRUCKS: Exactly What It Says”

My Little Cities, New York: Engaging as the Adult Reading It

“My Little Cities: New York” does most of what you’d ask a New York City board book to do. This means the book is intensely simple, but that also makes it very fun for toddlers and babies, too. Pictures are by Greg Pizzoli and while there aren’t many words, the words are by Jennifer Adams,Continue reading “My Little Cities, New York: Engaging as the Adult Reading It”

You’re Here For A Reason: A Just Okay Book

I started this project because for me, every children’s book isn’t 5/5. That said, when it comes to reviewing the books I don’t love, I’m a little anxious. Books are hard! Authors are people! And these books may mean the world to any given family, I just can’t know! But here we are. And y’all.Continue reading “You’re Here For A Reason: A Just Okay Book”

Kitten’s First Full Moon: Baby’s First Great Board Book

Kevin Henkes’ “Kitten’s First Full Moon” is about just that. We follow Kitten as she tries to reach the moon, a large distant vision she’s mistaken for a bowl of milk. This book should be a classic. There’s enough repetition for a sing-songy reading and enough variation that it doesn’t drive the grown-up readers mad.Continue reading “Kitten’s First Full Moon: Baby’s First Great Board Book”