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My Little Cities, New York: Engaging as the Adult Reading It

“My Little Cities: New York” does most of what you’d ask a New York City board book to do. This means the book is intensely simple, but that also makes it very fun for toddlers and babies, too. Pictures are by Greg Pizzoli and while there aren’t many words, the words are by Jennifer Adams, who does a good job with limited real estate.

ID: The cover of the book “My Little Cities: New York” is placed over a pastel backdrop. The cover of the book is a yellow taxi being driven with two passengers over a dark backdrop with stars.

The book uses opposites as a way to explore NYC. High and low buildings, loud and quiet places. Because of this, if you’re reading the book aloud to a toddler you can make the book very entertaining with gestures and voices. But my toddler likes flipping through it as well.

The book is Manhattan-centric in landmarks, but that’s not a surprise for the audience. The book was a welcome gift for our family when we moved out of the tri-state area, and I’d say it’s a great gift for any families about to make the same move.

The Verdict:

Grown Up Stars: (This is hard for board books, they just aren’t for grown ups!) 3/5

Kid Stars: 5/5


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