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Barbie; Life in the Dream House: A Bit of a Nightmare

I’m struggling here. I know that cartoons are cartoons! I know that SpongeBob didn’t rot my brain growing up, so surely this comedy has something to offer the youth of today. It’s funny enough, I guess? But my god, it’s so painfully vapid. Every man in this show is either a nuisance or a himbo.Continue reading “Barbie; Life in the Dream House: A Bit of a Nightmare”

Little Baby Bum: A Last & Awful Resort

I could write so much more about Little Baby Bum. It’s the strangest show and so remarkably unpleasant. And universally, babies love it. Little Baby Bum is a whole assortment of kid media, but for now, we’ll stick to the Netflix shows. The shows are plotless, with a strange repeating cast of characters and aContinue reading “Little Baby Bum: A Last & Awful Resort”