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Barbie; Life in the Dream House: A Bit of a Nightmare

I’m struggling here. I know that cartoons are cartoons! I know that SpongeBob didn’t rot my brain growing up, so surely this comedy has something to offer the youth of today. It’s funny enough, I guess? But my god, it’s so painfully vapid.

ID: An image of Barbie and the cast of “Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse” over a pastel backdrop.

Every man in this show is either a nuisance or a himbo. At best, sweetly inadequate and at worst a shallow villain. I guess this is the Barbie universe’s way of being hashtag feminist, but it’s undermined by the heteronormativity in the show. There’s no other reason for Barbie to partner up with Ken.

The structure of the show includes talking heads and nods to the camera. Again, I see where the humor kicks in. But the show reminds you that the Barbie universe is absurdly white, thin, and frankly, rich.

Whatever. If you’re reading this and you loved this show, more power to you. But wow, I hope I can get away without watching it again. I have no interest in moving to Barbie’s Malibu and I wouldn’t recommend it for any children, either.

The Verdict:

Grown Up Stars: 1/5

Kid Stars: 2/5


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