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tiny, perfect things: a tiny perfect book

Okay, the book itself isn’t unusually tiny. But it’s undeniably perfect by it’s own definition.

ID: The cover of the book “tiny, perfect things” placed on top of a pastel backdrop. The cover of this book is an illustration of a young Black grandchild and white grandparent walking through shrubs and trees and flora.

tiny, perfect things” is written by M. H. Clark and illustrated by Madeline Kloepper. The book follows a child and grandparent as they go for a walk and look for the small, beautiful things that can be especially thrilling for young children. An accomplished snail, for example, or a wildflower blooming in the sidewalk both grace the pages of this book that is just a delight to flip through.

The last spread of this picture book is the perfect children’s finale. The pages fold out to reveal a long, detailed illustration of the street where our characters walked. It’s an invitation to play I Spy or revisit familiar vocabulary.

Kloepper’s illustrations are the kinds of illustrations I want to live in. The colors are bright enough for a child’s eye and still muted enough to feel like a permanent autumn. It’s the kind of book that makes me want more, from both author and illustrated. That said, it took a while for me to get my copy, so if you’re planning on gifting this book, be sure to order it soon.

The Verdict:

Grown Up Stars: 5/5

Kid Stars: 5/5


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