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You Are New: Short & Sweet

Lucy Knisley almost always delivers. And I only say almost because I haven’t read all of her books.

ID: The cover of “You Are New” by Lucy Knisley is placed on top of a pastel background. The cover has an illustration of six babies next to one another.

You Are New is a sweet picture book explaining babyhood and newness to any babies willing to listen. The book expands newness, offering assurance to babies and grown ups alike that change can always be found. The book rhymes and rhymes well, I say that as an adult especially tired of bad rhymes in picture books. And there just aren’t that many words, so it’s perfect for young readers who just mastered the page turning skill.

The art is colorful and the words are too. If you read this postpartum in a teary mood, the promise of being new again may very well get to you. 

The verdict:

Grown up stars: 5/5
Kid stars: 5/5

Age recommendation: 0-2 years


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