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Mother Bruce: A Grumpy Delight

Ryan T. Higgins delivers an odd and adorable classic. You just have to read “Mother Bruce.”

ID: The cover of Ryan T. Higgins’ “Mother Goose” above a pastel background. The cover of the book is an illustration of a grumpy, black bear raising his unibrow while goslings climb on top of him.

Mother Bruce is an incredibly accessible picture book featuring Bruce, a grumpy bear who loves to cook. In this universe, Bruce is an incredible chef, but in his culinary pursuits, Bruce stumbles into the job of mothering newly hatched geese. It is just all so charming.

Reading this book as the adult, I felt my heart grow three sizes much like the Grinch himself. And for kids, the book has a lot to offer. The story is goofy, the illustrations are pure fun and Bruce’s unibrow is comic and expressive.

This book is honestly a delight. It was a gift to us and it’s a book I strongly recommend for gifting. There are more Mother Bruce books, and they’re definitely on our list.

The verdict:

Grown Up Stars: 5/5

Kid Stars: 5/5


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