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About Kid Culture Reviews

ID: Image is of a non-binary white person looking at the camera. They have light purple hair tied behind a headband and a dark blue shirt with white and yellow stripes.

Hey. I’m M. Or Em. Or Mary. Whatever.

I’m a non-binary, disabled writer and parent based in Durham, NC. I’m a former nanny and became a parent in early 2020.

I’ve always interacted with a lot of kid’s media. There’s so much of it! There is also an assumption that the grown ups aren’t looking. At least, it seems that way to me.

I’m looking. I’m largely here to review books, though there’s lots of screen time I want to get into as well.

Right now, I’m reading and watching along with my toddler. He’s a bookworm in a lot of ways I didn’t know a toddler could be, and I love that. Here, I call him Q.

If you’d like to support this project, consider supporting me by purchasing a book from my wish list.

Thanks for being here. Now, let’s read.

Photo by @bogotahorrible.